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Weber Converting – Weber Airshafts



The special construction of the airshaft makes it much easier to access the parts inside the shaft.
Our airshafts are constructed in a way which makes them lighter than other competitor’s airshafts.
The spare parts can be used regardless of the air shafts size, type and material.
Can be made from carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel.
Spare parts are cheaper and can easily be stored in own stock.

At Weber Converting, we manufacture a complete range of roll handling machinery for the paper industry. (often referred to as Air Bars or Air Mandrels)

We go a long way, to meet each of our customers’ exact requirements.

In Weber’s airshafts the benefits from the two known types of air shafts a combined. The advantages of Weber Airshaft are primarily that it has a high strength of the shaft with central hose and good centering from the shaft with 3 or 6 separate hose. Weber Airshaft utilizes the pressure and the area for maximum holding force.


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