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MAN B&W two-stroke engine service

MAN B&W two-stroke engine service you can trust

The Danish company GLOBAL DIESEL SERVICE (GDS) is  specialized in MAN B&W two-stroke engines on sea going vessels. GLOBAL DIESEL SERVICE offers a wide range of services from Maintenance, Trouble shooting and Repairs to Performance analyses and Emission measurement of NOx and CO2 levels.

The company has more than 25 years of experience with 2-stroke engines of MAN B&W design, and operates worldwide. GLOBAL DIESEL SERVICE are presently the only company offering low cost engine optimization, resulting in longer TBO, fuel saving, lower emission level, cleaner combustion etc. with MAN B&W two-stroke engine service.

We are performing  optimization (tuning) on both MC and MC-C engines, permanently operating on low load and manufactures its own 100% mechanical retrofit solution, for the pneumatic fuel pump VIT actuators on MC engine types.

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Why Chose Us

Excellent Service

We offer 24/7 MAN B&W two-stroke engine service worldwide and corporates with other specialized companies all over the world and with any company of your choice. We always take pride in teaching the engine crew and every job includes a detailed report with recommendations.

High Quality

Our engine work is of the highest quality and we stay on board until we are sure that everything is in order. We never give up on any problem. We take big pride in our work, the safety of the crew, engine and vessel.

Low Cost

Our Service fee rate is highly competitive with other companies in the same field worldwide. We work 7/7 for the same price and in order to obtain the cheapest traveling costs for our Engineers etc., we led you arrange all flight tickets, agents fee, hotels etc.

MAN B&W two-stroke engine service